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To participate in our vehicle auctions, potential buyers must complete a registration process. This typically involves providing essential information, such as contact details and your driver’s license or Passport information.

A nominal registration fee is required to cover administrative costs associated with the auction process. This fee ensures that only serious buyers participate.

A 50% deposit of the value you intend to bid is required before you can participate in the auction. This deposit is refundable if not used for a vehicle purchase. It serves as a security measure to ensure genuine interest.

Once registered and the deposit is received, you can start bidding on the vehicles of your choice. Bids are typically submitted electronically or through a designated bidding platform.

If you win a bid, the winning bid amount must be paid promptly. Payment is usually accepted via wire transfer to the specified bank account provided by Raj Auto Group.

After successful payment, you will receive an invoice confirming your purchase.

You have two vehicle delivery options:

Self Pick-Up: You can arrange to pick up the vehicle yourself. We will provide you with the necessary information, including the location and pick-up instructions.

Raj Auto Group Transportation Network: Alternatively, you can choose to utilize our transportation network for the vehicle’s delivery to your preferred location in the United States . Additional transportation fees apply.

All necessary documentation, such as the bill of sale and title, to complete the purchase and legal transfer of the vehicle will sent via email and mail respectively.

We value your feedback on our auction process. Your input helps us continually improve and provide a seamless experience for all our dealer clients.

To access Manheim auction to view the inventory, you will have to sign up Auction Access to get an ID.

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By following this vehicle bidding process, you can make informed decisions, secure your desired vehicles, and streamline your vehicle acquisition.