Our Founder’s Journey from Immigrant to Automotive Success

Raj Auto Group is not just an automotive dealership; it’s a story of resilience, opportunity, and success. Founded by Raj Hibbert, an immigrant who moved to the United States as a single parent with his daughter for a better life. Our dealership embodies the American Dream. Raj’s personal journey is a testament to the spirit of entrepreneurship and the pursuit of excellence.

Our Roots

Raj’s journey began when he arrived in the United States with a dream and a determination to succeed. His passion for automobiles and unwavering work ethic laid the foundation for what would become Raj Auto Group. He understood that with hard work, dedication, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, great things could be achieved.

Serving Diverse Needs

At Raj Auto Group, we recognize that our customers have diverse needs. We cater to both the everyday car buyer looking for a reliable vehicle and individuals aspiring to thrive in the automotive sales business. Our mission is to provide access to a wide range of dealer services and resources, empowering our customers to achieve sustained success in the auto industry.

What Sets Us Apart

Immigrant Heritage

Our founder's immigrant background serves as a source of inspiration. It reminds us of the possibilities that await those with ambition and determination.

Inclusive Services

Our dealership offers a comprehensive suite of services, ensuring that whether you're buying a car or embarking on a career in auto sales, we have the tools and support to make your journey successful.

Access to Resources

Raj Auto Group provides an extensive network of resources, including mentorship, training, and industry insights, to help individuals thrive in the competitive world of automotive sales.

Commitment to Success

We are committed to fostering long-term success for our customers, be it through the right vehicle choice or the tools needed to excel in the auto industry.


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Join Our Journey

Raj Auto Group invites you to be part of our incredible journey. Whether you’re a car buyer seeking a trusted partner or someone looking to establish a thriving career in vehicle sales, we are here to assist you every step of the way. Our dealership is not just about cars; it’s about empowering dreams and fostering success.